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Kitzbühel, St Johann & Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria: The most dreamy winter experience

Kitzbühel, Austria has always been a hotspot for people who come around the world to experience a new culture, customs, language, and philosophy; but one thing that has been missing in getting to know Austria; a great location that only the finest of travelers know about is Kitzbüheler Alpen.

Kitzbühel Ski Areas, Kitzski

It is a small town known for its great skiing spots located in an idyllic position to be placed in the heart of the Kitzbüheler Alpen. It is considered as the perfect winter small town, you get to endless hiking, cycling and mountain bike trails, golf courses, many known bathing lakes, and one of the most gorgeous winter landscapes and experiences in the world. This is all in one of the most exquisite countries in Europe, Austria. With its rich history, great reputation and one of the most interesting cultures, Austria is a forgotten country with many prospects, it can attract many visitors around the world. With 62% of Austria’s total land area covered by the Austrian Alps; it makes arguably one of the best skiing spots in Europe and the world.

Kitzbühel meaning Kitzski is definitely one of the best ski resorts for all the skiing fanatics around the world & a lot of days of good weather in all Kitzbühel Alps. Between Hahnenkamm and Kitzbüheler Horn Mountains, the spots are one of the hardest and most challenging trails in the world; the town has almost always been featured in the World Cup Ski Race. Also, KItzski surrenders all the Kirchberg ski area, Jochberg, and Pass Thurn. That you can use the same skipass. We suggest you check the webcams before and most important to take a ski map.

Kitzbühel Ski Races & Worldcup

The town holds Hahnenkamm, the most thrilling and challenging ski race on the World Cup , which draws over 85,000 fans to Kitzbühel every January where the annual World Cup ski races take place, this is  including the circuit’s most famous single main event which is the downhill race that is also among the world’s toughest downhill courses, if not the most, and is infamous for a lot of spectacular crashes and audiences that come gather around the world.

This is not to discount the events of the summer, as the small town holds the ATP tennis tournament, the lakes, hiking trails and biking areas in summer. It becomes very exciting in the summer with many people coming around to have fun. In addition to that, Kitzbühel has always been associated with old-school antique, it is known for the luxurious hotels scattered around, the great diverse cafés and shops around the old medieval inns in an “Old Town” that is modernized. The city is much known for its heritage, and one thing that you will notice is the fact that this area holds a lot of history and culture.

Kitzbühel Weather and slopes

The most remarkable thing about Kitzbühel is the fact that it holds a great reputation in the skiing areas. Also in the winter sports world with the 800m point above sea level and the highest point at about 2,000m. Streif is one of the most exciting downhill spots in the world of skiing, these well-groomed ski slopes and best snow skiing conditions that will make your hearts leap for joy, it does not matter if you have not tried skiing before, the professionals at Kitzbühel will take care of everything, they know the terrain and the weather, the best possible conditions and the ones you should stay away from.

‘ Reuttener Seilbahnen’ is another one of those spots that you have to go to if you are a skiing enthusiast, Hahnenkammbahn cable car will take you from Höfen onto a 16 km ride of slopes that will eventually lead you to this amazing paradise of skiing. This can also take you to “Alpeggle” spots at the intermediate station which flat and perfect for those who have just started to learn skiing. It is a free paradise where lines around the Bichlalm areas and Ehrenbachgraben as well as the Jochberg area which you will find very exciting.

The Kitzbühel Alps ( Kirchberg & St Johann )

SkiStar St. Johann in Tirol, Kitzbühel: this is another great track. So the lift facilities will take you right where the main area is, and you will enjoy 43 km worth of great tracks. That is great for those who want to learn more about skiing. Moreover, Kitzbühel-Kirchberg is a great spot that is 36 km worth of ski routes that take you into the legendary Streif. That people take hours and hours of plane travels to take in. This is where the longest downhill run starts. So from the Harschbichl into the Rueppenhang slope that is highly value for training by the Austrian ski racers. Who participates in the famous Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm race.

Living Kitzbühel in a Winter Wonderland Ski Areas

First of all The Steinplatte skiing area in Waidring, Kitzbühel Alps. So it is one of the ski regions in the beautiful Pillersee Valley. That are great for taking pictures and memoirs. The 1500m long Steinplatte Snow Park is super popular, it combines the best elements of boarder-cross and snow park for a lot of winter fun. This also has a lot of lines for different skiing levels, as this has spots perfect for beginners, and challenging enough for the advanced and intermediate level skiers.

The city also has some great mountain and hiking spots. It is not only covered in snow and daunting shivering cold. It also has some of the most beautiful landscapes and places to discover in Europe. That makes a dense rich hiking path network across charming. Also undiscovered nature such as some spots in the Alpine Flower Garden Kitzbüheler Horn.

Amazing Kitzbühel Summer

Furthermore, Kitzbühel is quite known for its exciting yet challenging bike trails. That are some of the longest continuous round course for mountain bikers in the alpine area. These areas are usually free and open wherever you want to go. Which means you are just roaming free in the endless landscapes with your bicycle. In the biking areas in Kitzbühel, has to find a spot that is just right for you and for your satisfaction.

Kitzbühel Highlights Alps

As said before. Kitzbühel will absolutely amaze you of what it has in store. You will be getting endless lines of skiing spots that are going to fill your heart with joy and thrill. So perfect hiking spots with the best teachers and guides you can find and the people in the city are very friendly. You are going to encounter some of your best tracks. Even if you are a non skier. This spot is perfect for you no matter what, the restaurants there are simply one of the best. So you are going to experience the best cuisine from all around the world made by the best chefs.

More About Kitzbühel, St Johann & Kirchberg in Tirol

The land is also great for walking around and discovering the old spots. Furthermore, it is the perfect place to sit in front of the fireplace. So near a window with you cup of coffee to watch the snow falling. So with lifts and high technology systems. That made to prevent any occurring accidents. Which means there is no fear whatsoever in trying out the skiing courses. The teachers at the spots are very experienced. They will guide you even if you have no skiing experience at all. The thing that sets this place apart from other skiing areas. The fact the snow is on top of grass rather than rocks which prevent some dangerous accidents.

Kitzbühel also holds some of the most exciting nightlife experiences. The events made after the celebrations of the world cup series with the fireworks near the snow. Also the sunset are simply a sight to be seen. You will be shocked at how much fun you will have at this great skiing spot. Might even make it your must go to spot of all time.

Kitzbüheler Alpen Highlights

So here you will find a selection of a good recommend Kitzbühel highlights. Since places in Kitzbühel like good restaurants from each area. So different kind of party spots in Kitzbühel like après ski, nightclubs, bar or lounge. Also charming hotels in Kitzbühel or apartments and villas. In addition one of the most important reasons why we come to Kitzbühel to practice sports. Then you will find in welcometokitbühel.at the best professionals in sports activities like rafting, hiking, canyoning, paragliding, biking guide, freeride guide and much more like ski schools or golf courses. Furthermore, you will discover Kitzbühel highlights like the most popular ski huts. Also something you have to visit and live the experience.

Restaurants in Kitzbühel, Kirchberg & St Johann

The gastronomy in this area is amazing, steakhouse, Brasserie, Burger, Italian and the fantastic traditional food of Tirol.

Party & Glamour in the Alps

The fun with the sort of events and parties in Kitzbühel is one of the identification signals of this area in the Alps. So just in the ski bars or après ski, discos and night clubs, you will have a special experience.

luxury & shopping in Kitzbühel

Something really special is to find these amazing shops in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. International Brands like Prada, Gucci, Hugo Boss,  Lacoste or Dolce & Gabana. Also you have local shopping fashion like Sportalm Kitzbühel or Swarovski jewelry.

ski and mountain huts

So in the kitzski area you will find fantastic huts or called in German Hütte or Hütten. Where you will find this kind of food that we said before. Also in some of them some kind of party in the winter mostly, called après ski.

Hotels in kitzbühel, St Johann & Kirchberg in Tirol

Hotel like Harisch, Q Resort, Kitz loft, Adler and others. Are making of the Kitbüheler Alpen one of the best areas of accommodation in Tirol. How the golf courses are developing in this area gives one extra point.

Sports summer & Winter

All kind of outdoor recreations you can do in this area. Just contacting with the companies that provide you the ski, bikes, snowboard and so… Or you can practice all these extreme sports like rafting, paragliding or tandem paragliding and many more.  Also, the hallenbad or swimming pool in Kitzbühel is a great place to sport and relax.



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