Kitzbühel Party & Nightlife Guide

Travelling gives you the opportunity to enjoy diverse cultures, food, party and peoples way of living. Kitzbühel is situated along the river Kitzbühel Ache in  Tyrol, Austria. This location is popularly known as a skiing location because of the long winters that last from October to early May. Another reputation of this great city is the availability of cafes, shops, and restaurants which makes it a comfort zone for most tourists even in the night.

With over 10,000 hotels and guest houses, you are sure that this is a center of attraction for many. Kitzbühel has also adopted the use of cable cars to make transportation easier and more comfortable.

To keep the many guests entertained all through their stay, Kitzbühel has wonderful nightlife because entertainment only in the day is not considered enough. During summer, the mountain hike parts are always safe and available for hikers, there are six tennis courts and up to four golf courses with Austria’s only curling hall and then the bathing lake found in Schwarzsee.

A lot of celebrities visit kitzbühel which makes this city a great place to be if you are looking for somewhere to spend time and enjoy both day and night. In this article, we are going to dwell on the night life in Kitzbühel Party and the various types of parties including locations for each of these parties for your full time enjoyment.

Kinds of Party in Kitzbühel

Just as mentioned earlier, the party life in Kitzbühel can be termed unending. If you are the type that loves daylight parties and hanging out, you are sure to find lots of places to visit while in this exciting place. If also you are too busy or don’t just like moving out during the day, don’t worry, you still won’t miss out from the fun. Here are some selected spots for you in Kitbuhel.

Après Ski Party in Kitzbühel

Kitzbühel Party has a thing for ski bars, you can find mind blowing bars where you can sit and enjoy soothing entertainment from parties especially during weekends. With the tourist numbers, they hold one of the largest and biggest parties even in a normal week. We will discuss here some of the Party apres skirecommended ski bars where you can visit. Casinos are the fun especially in the Goldener Greif Hotel. The Pubs in the vicinity of Rathausplatz is a good recommendation for sausage lovers and a place you can visit during the day veal sausages and freshly tapped beer.

You can seek out to places like Praxmair and Kortschak cafes for top class tea. Just next door to Praxmair’s is another spot, the Prax keller that you can access from a flight of steps, this tea shop runs from day till late night.

For your cocktail drinks, you can visit Funferl, a cheerful bar where you can meet a host of people, tourists and top-class clients, usually open from evenings to almost midnights.

Lovers who want to have some romantic time in Kitzbühel can visit the Rosi’s Sonnbergstub’n which has a spectacular on-mountain experience with glowing night lights and professionally cooked foods.

Clubs in the Kitzbühel Alps

Club lovers!! Fun in Kitzbühel will be incomplete if we never talked about club life and the discos. There are three major discos that all run till the next morning for a full time of uninterrupted club fun. These three clubs include;

Clubs in Kitzbühel

The pricey and famous Club Take 5, Olympia and the Royal.

Others which include the Mockingstube, London Pub (the liveliest) are available for night partying and fun.

O’Flanningans Irish pub

Recommended for sports lovers who are away from attending their sporting events. The O’flanningans has aired life events, special events and a place to listen to Irish music over a bottle of beer.

Kitzbühel Special Events

The Hahnenkamm Racing Event

One of the major tourist attraction in Kitzbühel is that of the annual racing event called the Hahnenkamm. This event got its name from the mountain Hahnenkamm which is about 5,617 ft above sea level, southwest of Kitzbühel. It is also part of a ski resort and location where the annual world cup alpine ski host.

The Hahnenkamm annual races have continued since 1931 and are the most notable ski race around the globe. Before now, the races were help in March and sometimes early February, but since 1953 they have always been held in mid or late January on a route called the Streif.

This race course challenges the racers because of its topography. It has jumps that measure up to 80 meters with steep slopes and skiing speeds of up to 140km/h. The start hut and the downhill sometimes vary in length because of availability of snow, one time in 2014 this condition greatly affected the games.

The winner of the event is as a result of combining downhill slalom competitions, he aware a gold medal just like the Olympics. You can for sure say that it is the highest gaming event for ski racing.

Hahnenkamm Party 

To watch the racing events either as a tourist or as a home born, you can get the tickets from the entrance or you could also purchase online from the Hahnenkamm official sites. There are three routes which you can take to get to the Hahnenkamm races; it is either you take legend park via the underpass or you walk past the cable car to your right, the third route is through the Hotel Rasmushof.

We wouldn’t be exhausting all about the Hahnenkamm race events if we do not talk about the party life. There are so many side events that run through the entire week. We mentioned earlier that you can meet a lot of celebrities in Kitzbühel because of its party life. There is a special KitzRaceParty held at the Streif finish area. So (you could also get a ticket there), this one of the most notable parties held after the race alongside many others. So if you have never been confused on which party to attend, trust me when I say you will be when you come to Kitzbühel, might as well find yourself running out of parties to meet up with another.

The Silvester Day

If you ask me? I will say this is the best location and event to give your lover a romantic kiss that you both will never forget. The Silvester day in Kitzbühel is an occasion we all know as the New year. The occasion commences around 5:30 pm with the best ski riders jumping through blasting rings of fire after which the fireworks begin, beautiful colors and combinations. It is a memory to start the new year with.

The best Party and Nightlife in Kitzbühel

Club Take five

Opens at 11 pm and runs till 5 am, this is one of the best clubs to visit during weekends, they have the best cocktails and beers. The events held in the club take five are those that will create unforgettable memories. The VIP rooms in Club Take Five is a good recommendation. If you are looking to spend your night in a grand way.

The Londoner

Absolutely no rules for your fun life. This another spot, an apres where dancing can be done on tables. They have a standard bar with some classic selections, this pub continues to party from daylight into evening hours, so you are sure to catch up the fun anytime. Also an Après Ski.

Slab Kitz Club

A notable disco club that can be rent for many events. The club is usually open from 10 pm and runs till dawn. The entertainment is top class and affordable for just anyone. You can spend add color to your nightlife by visiting this place.So known for their awesome cocktails, beers and good music.